Image The complete guide for flying abroad

The complete guide for flying abroad

Frequent travelers know how to efficiently organize a trip abroad and not to stress much more with each departure. In this article, discover how to efficiently organize your trip abroad without forgetting anything and especially to enjoy this incredible adventure ahead.

The 7 simple steps rule

With Internet, organize your own trip from A to Z, without going through a travel agency. It is not so complicated and it is sometimes cheaper. Here are the 7 steps to follow.

1. Choose the destination. Depending on your budget, the formalities to access the country of your choice, the period you leave, your travel preferences, the time you have and the political situation in the country of your choice, the destination is the first decision to take.

2. Book your plane tickets (if necessary). Once the destination is chosen, you must determine how to get there! If it is a faraway destination, a flight is probably the best solution. Compare offers on the internet and do not necessarily take the cheapest one.

3. Complete the formalities. It is better not to keep this step for the end because some formalities must be made several weeks in advance. Find out (on the internet, in your travel guide, at the embassy of the country you are going to visit) about the documents you will need to access the country you have chosen to see.

4. Define your route. Good advice: always check that your itinerary is realistic by gathering information about the travel time between your steps and the means of transport available (if you do not rent a car).

5. Reserve your accommodation. Booking is always the best way to save time once on the place of your vacation. You will be especially serene to know that you will have a bed to sleep in, no matter how late your flight is or in case there is inclement weather during the trip.

6. Organize your trips on site. It is not always necessary to organize your travels in the smallest detail but in general, it is useful to at least plan your trip from the airport (if you come by plane) to your accommodation.

7. Book some activities (optional). Especially if you only have a short time and want to do everything, this is an excellent way to fill your travel schedule and never get bored.

Your security priorities

When traveling, here is the order of things you should keep safe:

  •  Yourself and people traveling with you
  •  Your documents
  •  Your money
  •  Your valuable object. Basically, if someone tries to steal your camera and has a knife in his hand, better to let your device off and not risk getting hurt, or even worse. The safety of your person comes first. Always keep that in mind.

Search before leaving

All the best pieces of advice of the world are never worth a good knowledge of the field. So, primarily, find out as much as possible even about your unselected destination.

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