Image Afraid of flying ? Here are some tips to feel better

Afraid of flying ? Here are some tips to feel better

Many people feel safer traveling by the usual means of transportation on highways. They have become afraid of flying after hearing and seeing a case of an aircraft crash on TV or on the internet.

This fear is called aviphobia or aerophobia. Because of that, some prefer to spend long hours on the road to reach their travel destination. In fact, there are much more fatal accidents on the road.

It is more common to hear cases of road accidents in the news. This means that traveling by airplane is safer than traveling by car. What should you do to feel comfortable to fly to your next vacation destination? Here are a few practical tips from eDreams on how to feel better during your flight.

Before your flight

  •  Relax: Breathe in and out for a few minutes. 
  • Think about the most exciting thing: You are flying away to visit another country, to discover a new place, new culture, and to meet new people. 
  • Stay positive: There are very few incidents of plane crashes if compared to the number of road accidents every year. Flying is therefore the safest means of transportation. 
  • Request for an aisle seat: You might suffer from acrophobia, the fear of falling from a high place. If your seat is in the aisle, you won't see the high altitude from the window. 
  • Eat comfort food: Eat some chocolate, go to the airport cafĂ© for a slice of pizza or a piece of cake to reduce anxiety. Avoid nerve stimulating beverages like coke or coffee or strong tea.

While flying

  •  Watch a movie: Some international airlines have a mini TV set in front of each passenger seat. You can also watch your favorite movies on your smartphone or tablet, which is already set in the flight mode. Watching movies keeps you calm during your flight. 
  • Read your favorite book: During your flight, it is helpful to read a book in order to forget your fear of high altitude. 
  • Inform the flight attendant about your fear: The flight attendant will give you additional practical tips to overcome your fear. 
  • Play your favorite mobile games: Before your flight, download and install great games in your smartphone or tablet to play during the flight. 
  • Listen to music: Some international airlines have a mini TV set in front of each passenger seat. They broadcast classical music and contemporary music. 
  • Just relax: If you travel long distance, you can sleep during the flight. 
  • Eat good: Avoid nerve stimulating beverages.

Further tips and recommendations

We hope these tips from eDreams help you feel better before and during your flight. So, now, start planning your flight to anywhere in the world head of time. Fly in the most reliable planes to any travel destination.

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