Image Things you cannot take with you on a plane

Things you cannot take with you on a plane

For obvious security reasons, there are several objects prohibited on the aircraft. In the cabin or on hold, depending on the destination, those objects are different.

And to help you better organize your luggage and your trip, this guide will enlighten you about these objects. Whether it is the everyday objects, food, electronic devices or drugs, we will tell you all about prohibited products in the cabin.

If some objects are obvious like weapons or dangerous liquids, others are much less! Did you know, for example, that soft cheeses like Camembert cannot be carried on board? We lift the veil on what is forbidden to take in his hand luggage.

Prohibited objects in the cabin

Even though most of this list remains logical, many people ignore it. And to avoid wasting time during the hand-luggage check, here is a list of objects you should never put in your hand luggage: 

  • Any cutting or sharp object, including nail scissors and razor blade 
  • Firearms, even fictitious ones like children's toys. 
  • Ammunition and cartridges 
  • The printer cartridges. 
  • Fuel lighters. 
  • Batteries with electrolyte and lithium batteries with a power greater than 160 Wh 
  • Fireworks, firecrackers and tear gas 
  • Any type of gas bottle, whether it is a camping stove or oxygen scuba tanks. 
  • Paints and varnishes 
  • Any toxic material and radioactive materials. 
  • Chemical products such as fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides 
  • Household products: strippers, bleach, laundry.
  • Any flammable liquid including acetone. 
  • Any mercury operated devices. 
  • Any liquid product above 100 ml (see liquids)

However, if you need to transport some of your belongings, make sure they are allowed for transport in the hold. If no, inquire about special permission.

Prohibited objects in the hold

If the prohibitions are more minimal here, there are still some for security reasons. Among them there are: 

  • Explosives 
  • Liquids, solids or flammable gases 
  • Organic oxidants and peroxides 
  • Toxic or infectious substances 
  • Corrosive substances

On the other hand, certain items can be placed in the hold if only you indicate it at the time of booking your plane ticket and respect certain rules: 

  • Syringes for medical purposes 
  • Cartridges and ammunition for hunting or sporting weapons (in a hard case)
  • White weapons, firearms (dissociated from ammunition), and any similar object 
  • Sport equipment 
  • Special luggage (bulky items, musical instruments, wheelchairs)

International bans

The prohibited items we have just seen are common to all airlines, for any destination. Thus, when you book your flight through eDreams, you can take into account the prohibited items anywhere in the country where you want to travel.

However, it is equally important to know that some destinations will have a much wider list. It is always important to learn and eDreams can help you with that. All you need to do is go to the website. You will find information on the trip but also offers on prices of flights by plane. The site also offers accommodation reservations during your travels.